Professional Liability Insurance

The Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists is now offering a professional liability insurance program specifically designed for certified technicians and technologists. Thanks to a recent national agreement with insurance broker Dale-Parizeau LM, the program will be offered through the provincial constituent members of CCTT. Dale Parizeau LM has been offering a similar liability insurance program through AIG Canada (program insurer) to OTPQ members for several years. In PEI, the firm of LMS PROLINK (member of the PROLINK Insurance Group) will be the broker serving members. LMS PROLINK manages over 35 professional liability insurance programs for associations across the country and distributes numerous national insurance programs with their PROLINK Insurance Group partner, Dale Parizeau LM.

The program will offer technicians and technologists extensive coverage and the benefit of low group premiums not only on liability insurance, but also for those who need it, on general insurance such as home and auto. According to CCTT Executive Director, Yaroslaw Zajac, the main focus of the program is on practice insurance. “I am pleased that we can now offer member technicians and technologist’s important coverage, and better value than they would secure on their own. Moreover, I am pleased that certified technicians and technologists finally have access to the same level of coverage available in similar professions. Everyone wins.”

Protection against the risks inherent in professional practice

The CCTT Liability insurance program is unique because it bundles both Professional Liability (also known as Errors & Omissions Liability) and Commercial General Liability (CGL) into one package. Most other insurers offer Professional Liability and CGL under separate policies.

The program includes:

  • $2,000,000 of CGL insurance. Most contracts will stipulate that you must carry a minimum of $2,000,000 in CGL coverage. $5,000,000 is also available for a higher premium.
  • $250,000 to $2,000,000 in Professional Liability insurance. Members can determine what level of Professional Liability they wish to carry. See the insurance application for more details.
  • Maintaining both CGL and professional liability insurance will ensure you do not have gaps in coverage. It includes protection for civil litigation, for personal injury and material loss, as a direct or accidental result of errors and/or omissions by the insured member in the performance of their professional activities/services.

How to Apply for Insurance?

A new website for technicians and technologists across Canada has recently been established. To view more information on the program click: The CCTT Insurance Program Manager for all provinces outside of Quebec is:

Derrick Leue, Vice President, Insurance Programs LMS PROLINK Limited Suite 800, 480 University Avenue Toronto, ON M5G 1V2 Telephone: 866-663-6828, ext. 7717 Fax: 416.595.1649 E-mail: Website:



Home and Auto Insurance Program

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